Work Experience Program

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Work experience is a cost-free and low-risk way for your business to test out a new worker for up to 9 weeks. It’s a chance to teach a new worker the job you need done and boost production. And if the worker meets your company’s needs, you can hire them on permanently and grow your business. How does it work? Simply tell us your workforce needs and we’ll recruit and screen appropriate worker candidates for you. We’ll pay for the wages and the payroll taxes of the worker(s) for up to 9 weeks. You supervise the worker(s) on the worksite to get them up to speed and get the job done. The final hiring decision is yours.

Business Benefits

Reduced Costs

We hire the workers, which means we will take care of paying worker wages and payroll taxes, saving you time and money.

Less Paperwork

We handle all of the financial management paperwork (payroll, workers compensation, FICA payments and UI claims calls.)

Boost Productivity

You’ll have the additional staffing levels needed to help tackle projects and grow your business.

Continuous Support

We’ll stick by your side throughout the program and provide any assistance you need.

Easy Enrollment

The process to become a worksite is easy and fast. With minimal paperwork you’ll be back to business in just minutes.

Worker Benefits

Re-enter the Workforce

As a dislocated or unemployed worker we can help you get back to work quickly.

New Skills

Build new, relevant job skills that make you more desirable to current and future employers.

Worksite Quality

Participating businesses go through an enrollment process ensuring site quality and safety for workers.

Group Dynamic

Learn to work as part of a team and build self esteem as you accomplish tasks.

Have Fun

Enjoy the work and meet new people!

Contact Us

Contact a Worksmart Network representative to learn how your business can become a work site host.